Our Technologies

Ubitech Australia is developing a various range of cutting-edge technologies for space technologies, in collaboration with leading universities in Australia. Some of our key technologies are:

  • Bushfire Detection based on Geostationary Satellite Images: The analysis of geostationary satellite images is very challenging due to the very low resolution image quality (2km x 2xm per pixel). The data is obtained from GOES-16, Himawari and GK2 using machine learning and big data analysis techniques.
  • Particle Detector (PD) for small satellites: PDs, also known as radiation detectors, are instruments designed for the detection and measurement of subatomic particles such as those emitted by radioactive materials, produced by particle accelerators or observed in cosmic rays. Our PDs are uniquely designed for Cubesats.
  • Chemical sensors: we are developing various chemical sensors to monitor and protect the world environment.
  • Drone Image Analysis: our autonomous drones detect, identify and chase objects such as cars, using image processing and machine learning techniques.
  • CCTV Image Analysis: from images captured by CCTV, we detect, identify and chase objects such as human faces.

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